Seamless Middle East 2024: Get a Chance to Meet Elogic Commerce Experts In-Person

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4mid read May 15, 2023
Company news & Announcements
Seamless Middle East 2024: Get a Chance to Meet Elogic Commerce Experts In-Person

Mark the date: May 14-16, 2024, will see the kick-off of one of the biggest ecommerce conferences in Dubai – Seamless Middle East. 

Elogic Commerce will be attending the event as one of the exhibitors – stop by our booth R88 – showing you how to make your most ambitious business dreams come true!

Why meeting the Elogic team should be on your agenda

Ecommerce is getting more and more competitive, with a number of retailers and ecommerce leaders trying to find the key to shoppers’ hearts and minds. More often than not, these retailers face tech challenges that prevent them from growing sales and customers.

Elogic is here to help you!

Having operated in the industry for 14+ years, we at Elogic keep our fingers on the pulse of the latest ecommerce trends and deliver solutions that become an essential part of our clients’ success. Over 500 global retailers have seen their stores revamped, migrated, integrated, and optimized with the help of our team. Some of the biggest brands trust us, including but not limited to Hanes Brands, HP, Accenture, etc.

Stop by ‌booth R88 and meet our experts to

  • Discuss present and future trends in ecommerce, such as composable commerce or personalization, and find ways for you to act on them;
  • Explore effective ways for the digital transformation of your business;
  • Get an all-round ecommerce consultation on your business strategy, website audit, and project planning;
  • Get access to an extensive talent pool of developers across multiple technologies, such as Adobe Commerce, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Shopify Plus, BigCommerce, and commercetools;
  • Find new opportunities to streamline your customer experience (CX)

…and much more!

You will also have a chance to participate in our survey and add your voice to our future research on shopping behavior. As a bonus, you’ll get exclusive access to our most recent industry report on CX trends in 2024. 

Book a meeting with Elogic experts

Start discussing more possibilities for your business growth today

Join us at Seamless 2024

Why attend Seamless Dubai 2024?

Seamless is the largest event that has been the meeting place for retailers, ecommerce entrepreneurs, financial officers, and some of the brightest minds in the industry for 23 years. The 2024 edition of Seamless will bring together 15,000+ attendees, 500+ exhibitors, and 500+ speakers at Dubai World Trade Centre.

The event offers limitless opportunities for global brands to network, forge meaningful partnerships, showcase their own products and services, and stay at the forefront of the changes in the ecommerce landscape. This year’s agenda includes ‌talks on

  • The future of retail and ecommerce: digital transformation, improved in-store experiences, data-driven intelligence, etc.
  • Digital marketing: customer data tracking, loyalty and retention, social selling, lead generation, etc.
  • Retail logistics: last-mile home delivery, supply chain trends, warehouse automation, etc.
  • The future of cards and digital identities: data and security, blockchains, identity 2.0, ID monetization, etc.
  • Payments and banking: biggest challenges and opportunities in FinTech, regtech and compliance, banking innovation, and more.

Register for ‌your 2-day conference pass here. Looking to chat and network only? Get a free access to the exhibition floor with a Visitor Pass!


About Seamless Middle East

Seamless Middle East will take place on May 14-16, 2024, at Dubai World Trade Center, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The conference covers areas of fintech, payments, retail, e-commerce, home delivery and digital marketing in the format of presentations, panel discussions and roundtables – hosted by regional and international experts.

About Elogic Commerce

Elogic is an end-to-end ecommerce development agency that builds, designs, and optimizes online stores since 2009. With a well-coordinated team of 200+ certified ecommerce experts, Elogic serves its customers worldwide across various business models and operational domains. Our main areas of expertise include Adobe Commerce (aka Magento), Salesforce, Shopify, BigCommerce, and commercetools.

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