Top B2B Ecommerce Conferences That Are Worth Attending in 2024

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10mid read May 21, 2024
Business strategy
Top B2B Ecommerce Conferences 2024

Why is it worth it for entrepreneurs to visit conferences? It is an excellent way to build connections, find new clients and partners, and receive a portion of motivation. You will broaden your horizons and find more opportunities for your business growth. There are plenty of interesting B2B ecommerce conferences in 2024 that offer dynamic environments filled with top minds, fresh perspectives, and innovative strategies. Just register and come. You will receive valuable information to drive your business forward in the competitive digital domain.

Pay attention: The Elogic team is preparing for some major ecommerce conferences in 2024. Our CEO, Paul Okhrem, is going to attend Meet Magento UK to establish live communication. Secure your spot to meet our CEO and get helpful business insights. 

Why to visit B2B ecommerce events

Successful entrepreneurs seize opportunities. Attending such conferences and expanding contacts is part of their life in general. Here are the benefits that make such events not worth missing:

Build connections 

Conferences are a great place to meet interesting people who are fans of their field. In ordinary life, the chance of meeting such people is not so high. The main thing is to be open to new things, communicate, and show interest. Remember that every helpful connection today is your future opportunity.

Get inspiration from real success stories

Do you want to meet truly successful and influential people who have been creating and growing their businesses for years? Entrepreneurs always benefit from learning from someone else’s faults and successes. Come to conferences. At these events, you will gain many insights from ecommerce leaders. Later, you can apply these practical strategies and advice in your business endeavors.

Discover new B2B ecommerce solutions

Experienced entrepreneurs who are happy to share knowledge speak at conferences. If you want to improve the user experience of your solution, increase efficiency, or optimize business processes, these events are for you. You will learn about the latest trends in the world of technology and business and will be able to improve your offer on the market.

6 top B2B ecommerce conferences to visit in 2024

Paris Retail Week 

Paris Retail Week
  • Date: September 17-19
  • Location: Paris, France 
  • Price: access is free for retailers, investors, journalists, and solution providers. 
  • Website: Paris Retail Week

It is one of the biggest ecommerce conferences, with more than 20,000 participants that will take place annually in Paris. There will be thought-provoking keynote speeches, 150+ workshops, interactive panel discussions, and more. Attendees will gain invaluable insights into the latest tendencies, technologies, and best practices that are influencing the B2B ecommerce field. 

The main topics of the conference will cover such sectors as ecommerce platforms, supply chain, e-logistics, marketing, customer relations and more.

Why to attend:

  • More than 350 exhibitions.
  • Unparalleled networking opportunity.
  • 3 days packed with fresh insights from industry leaders in the logistics, supply chain management, marketing field, and others.
  • Numerous opportunities to engage with over 40 startups retail ecosystem executives.
  • Free access to the conference.

Paris Retail Week is a must-attend event for professionals across the B2B ecommerce ecosystem.

Meet Magento UK

  • Date: June 18-19
  • Location: The Mermaid, UK
  • Price: £63.34 – £165 for early-bird registration
  • Website: Meet Magento

Meet Magento UK returns in 2024. This conference is the largest one in the world for the Magento and Adobe Commerce ecosystem. 

You will engage with leading e-commerce figures and experienced Magento developers at Meet Magento, as well as merchants and technology partners. It is a great occasion to exchange insights and expertise with influential Magento authorities, build new connections, discover industry trends, and capitalize on networking prospects.

There will be two general speaker tracks this year: the Technical Track and the Merchant Track:

  • The Merchant Track is specifically suited for e-commerce managers, sales professionals, marketers, and partner managers. There will be discussions on ecommerce operations, real-world case studies, and marketing strategies.
  • In turn, the Technical Track will be focused on coding, tech aspects, and programming subjects, tailored for individuals in development and IT positions. However, several tech presentations will be accessible to all skill levels.

Besides, this conference will take place in other countries and locations in 2024: 

  • Meet Magento, Poland, September 30th, 2024
  • Meet Magento New York City, September 2024
  • Meet Magento Brazil, June 24th, 2024

The main topics of this event include headless eCommerce, B2B ecommerce, insights and success stories, tips for better global sales, case studies, and more. So, don’t miss the chance to participate in this gathering of successful entrepreneurs.

iMedia B2B Ecommerce Summit

  • Date: October 28-30
  • Location: Sheraton Grand Mirage, Australia
  • Price: You need the registration (as a merchant or networker).
  • Website: iMedia 

iMedia Summit is another one of the top B2B ecommerce conferences in Australia that will elevate your online business profits. Register, participate, and gain interactive strategies, peer-to-peer insights, and connections with Australians retail leaders. Thanks to the possibility of one-to-one communication, you will gather plenty of strategic takeaways in just a few days. Join this retail conference and learn a lot about doing successful ecommerce business from top minds.

Why to attend:

  • Learn how to create an effective marketing strategy for the B2B ecommerce business.
  • Discover the power of AI, ML, and future tech for retail success.
  • You will know how to optimize your website and enhance your online sales.
  • Find out more about B2B ecommerce strategy for 2025.
  • Additional entertainments such as cruise on yachts, visiting islands, the raft-up party, golf, and more.

The agenda of this event is focused on the biggest challenges and opportunities for ecommerce entrepreneurs. You’ll hear from successful retailers to learn from them and have the opportunity to network in a relaxed atmosphere. You will also take part in creative think tanks, speaker Q&A sessions, and more. Register now as tickets are limited.

eTail Nordic Connect

eTail Nordic Connect
  • Date: May 14-15
  • Location: Scandic CPH Strandpark, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Price: You need the registration
  • Website: eTail Nordic Connect

eTail Nordic Connect is an invitation-only conference that gathers high-level executives from reputable retailers and service providers. It means you will get the insights and learning that matter to you. All participants will engage exclusively with the solution providers of their choice from only prominent retail brands.

You will engage in discussions, brainstorming sessions, and personalized one-on-one meetings with vendors that suit your investment priorities. 

Speakers will talk on the following topics:

  • How to apply generative artificial intelligence to better content strategies and improve customer interactions.
  • Ways to overcome omnichannel issues and boost customer satisfaction and conversion rates.
  • Tips for the right agile loyalty program development.
  • The explanation of different leadership styles to make team cohesion and individual growth.
  • How to balance customer expectations and your fulfillment realities.

Attending this conference will allow you to connect with chosen solution providers one-on-one, facilitated by our matching process based on your profile. You will also have full control over your meetings so you can engage with providers relevant to your requirements.  

To see the prices for this eTail Nordic Connect, you should fill out the form on their website and leave a request.

Ecommerce Expo

  • Date: September 18-19
  • Location: Newham, East London
  • Price: Register to see the cost 
  • Website: Ecommerce Expo

It is a complex event covering all aspects of online trade in the UK. The Ecommerce Expo taking part at ExCel London is a conference that offers complimentary access for B2B e-commerce professionals and their teams. Participate and enhance your skills in customer acquisition, retention, payment processing, logistics, and expanding into cross-border online commerce.

This event is held alongside Technology for Marketing and endorsed by the UK eCommerce Association IMRG. The Ecommerce Expo is a must-attend conference for entrepreneurs who aim to improve their ecommerce knowledge across all aspects. You will learn a lot, from better customer acquisition to streamlined logistics and operations. Over two eventful days, attendees can expect immersive content sessions, rich networking opportunities, and the chance to explore innovative solutions.

Why to visit:

  • 200+ hours of industry content.
  • 300+ world-leading solutions providers.
  • 12,000+ senior ecommerce professionals.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get ahead with tangible results to boost your ecommerce business strategy.

B2B Connect

  • Date: June 10-12
  • Location: San Diego, the United States
  • Price: Complete the registration form for prices
  • Website: B2B Connect

B2B Connect is more than just a conference. It is a high-level invitation-only forum organized for industry leaders like you. Take part in this event and get inspiring content from the most innovative digital, ecommerce, and B2B marketing minds.

Choose whom you will network with in 1:1 meetings to build long-lasting partnerships with strategic allies. Talk openly about your pain points. Conduct benchmarking against industry standards to find innovative strategies to drive your business forward.

Every moment, from workshops to roundtables, is an opportunity to build helpful relationships and grow as a successful leader.

Several topics that will be covered:

  • Leveraging the AI technology for B2B expansion.
  • Effective strategies for optimizing customer data across diverse channels.
  • How to create the ideal business-to-business marketing strategy.
  • Ways to increase B2B sales with the help of digital human interaction.
  • The formula for top ecommerce performance: customer data, experience, relationships, and more.

You’ll enjoy other bonuses besides the time used at the conference. You will stay at one of the world’s top-class resorts, the perfect place for meaningful conversations, reflection, and relaxation.

Business strategy
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How to prepare for the conference: life hacks and tips

Preparing for an ecommerce conference is a strategic approach that can significantly influence your business growth. The blend of learning, networking, and growth opportunities makes them invaluable for entrepreneurs at any stage. But how do you receive maximum value from your attendance?

Pre-event preparation

  • Clarify your objectives. Ask yourself why you’re attending the conference, whether to obtain industry insights, expand your network and contacts, or solve specific challenges. Your purpose will influence your agenda.
  • Set your budget. Consider that you allocate a budget for registration if your travel abroad costs include transport, lodging, and other expenses. Some conferences may be free, but not all. Tru to balance investment in growth with financial prudence.
  • Identify your niche. You can target relevant sessions and networking opportunities when you understand your specific market field within ecommerce. If you have a niche business, choose conferences for this area to maximize your engagement.
  • Plan your schedule. Checking the event agenda before registration and prioritizing sessions and networking events is vital. Thus, you will make the most of your time.
  • Refine your pitch. Make a clear and compelling introduction about your business that will provide a lasting impression on other attendees.
  • Strategize follow-up. Plan how to reconnect with contacts post-conference through email, social media, or calls to solidify valuable connections.

During the conference

  • Try to participate actively in sessions and workshops.
  • Network with purpose. Keep your aims in mind.
  • You can share insights on social media to boost your visibility.

Post-event activities

  • Now, review your notes and materials.
  • Follow up with new contacts promptly, preferably within a week.
  • Implement newfound strategies and solutions in your business operations.

eCommerce conferences offer a great opportunity to stay abreast of emerging trends and technologies and make meaningful connections. Preparing for these events will help you capitalize on these opportunities and drive long-term benefits for your venture.

Summing up

Now, you have a full list of top ecommerce conferences to visit to be beaten in the B2B game. Whether you’re searching to streamline your supply chain, discover the latest marketing strategies, meet new people, or analyze competition – visit these events. Check your calendars, register early, and get ready to advance your business.

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What are B2B ecommerce conferences?

These conferences are events where professionals gather to discuss and explore strategies, trends, and technologies in the B2B (business-to-business) online commerce sector.

What are some of the top B2B ecommerce conferences to visit in 2024?

Among the top B2B ecommerce conferences, we recommend Shoptalk, Meet Magento, eTail Connect, eTail Nordic Connect, Ecommerce Expo, and B2B Connect. Choose events that align with your interests, goals, and business aims.

Why should I attend B2B ecommerce conferences?

Attending B2B ecommerce conferences will provide you with invaluable opportunities to network and learn about industry trends. It will help you grow as an entrepreneur and develop your business.

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