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18 April 2019

by Yuliana

Magento Community vs Enterprise Edition Comparison 2019

Update! In this article, we’ll use the terms Enterprise Edition (Commerce) and Community Edition ( Open Source). We originally wrote this guide in May 2018, but decided to update it now as both platforms’ functionalities have changed considerably. Magento is one of the best options for creating an online store. It’s considered a leading ecommerce […]

11 April 2019

by Yuliana

Ecommerce Development Cost in 2019: Set the Right Budget for Your Project

Having an ecommerce website that truly reflects your brand is one of the most crucial aspects of any successful retail business. As a company specializing in ecommerce, we’re often asked, “How much do you charge to build an ecommerce website?” or “What is the basic cost of ecommerce website?” Over the past 10 years, we’ve […]

14 February 2019

by Yuliana

Enterprise Ecommerce Platform Comparison: How to Select Between Magento, Salesforce, Hybris, and Shopify

Managing an online business is now more challenging than ever. You need to exceed customer expectations and deliver a flawless experience if you want them to visit your site again and again. Whether you’re expanding your online store, looking for new solutions for improvements, or setting up a business from scratch, your choice of an […]

12 February 2019

by Yuliana

Elogic Commerce Was Named as #1 Community Insider Contributor of the Year

Magento Engineering community created over 6,500 pull requests, organized meetings and events in different countries worldwide, wrote numerous blog posts to share their innovative solutions and answered thousands of questions on the Magento Forums in 2018. In 2018, our team created valuable 71 pull requests to the Magento Open Source project, earning 2350 points making […]

29 January 2019

by Yuliana

E-commerce Solutions of Elogic Commerce Captures GoodFirms Attention

  The market-leading eCommerce solutions offered by Elogic Commerce recently availed the attention of GoodFirms. Not only this, GoodFirms research team recognized Elogic Commerce as an exemplary Magento service provider. About Elogic Commerce Established in 2009, Elogic Commerce is a hub of certified developers who hold expertise in offering user-centric eCommerce solutions. Based in Chernivtsi, […]

22 January 2019

by Yuliana

Mobile Ecommerce Design: A Guide on How to Optimize Your Website for Mobile

Let’s all be honest here, in most cases when we need to find something instantly we whip out our cell phones for browsing the web. The web is something that we can carry around in our pockets. The global adoption of mobile as a platform for ecommerce is no longer something you can neglect. According […]

15 January 2019

by Yuliana

E-commerce Trends to Leverage in 2019

As another year has come and gone, we’re looking forward to analyzing some of the key e-commerce technology trends that will influence online shopping. The progression of global e-commerce is truly staggering. According to a Statista report, in 2017 e-commerce generated profits of around $2.3 trillion and is anticipated to jump to $4.5 trillion by […]

4 July 2018

by Diana

10 Awesome Ux Tips and Tricks for Product Pages

Nowadays more than 50% of people worldwide have the experience of online shopping at least once in a lifetime. Over the years, the number of online purchases will only increase, which reflects what a powerful mainstream e-commerce is and how important the UX is. Such tendencies make the number of products increase rapidly as well as […]

2 July 2018

by Diana

Magento Website Design: Cost, Time, Tips & More

Did you ever happen to think of how to increase sales? You may think of many features, but there is one, that is crucial. This feature can multiply sales rates, as well as it can prevent a customer from purchase, even if the product you offer is good enough. Yes, we are talking about the […]

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