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20 March 2018

by Diana

Make it faster! How to speed up Magento 2 store

There are millions of different online shops, offering the whole bunch of products and services nowadays. It’s not enough just to have a webstore now to make customers buy. The owners of shops have to come up with attractive designs to grab buyers’ attention. The other crucial feature, that influences customer is speed. It is […]

5 March 2018

by Diana

Need to build a page on Magento? There's a solution - BlueFoot CMS and Pagebuilder

Being one of the most scalable and extensible CMS platforms Magento is still a bit complicated, when it comes to it’s pagebuilder features. Let’s imagine you need a seperate landing page for several products or there is a nice promo you came up with and you are in need of a page with special offers. […]

30 January 2018

by Oksana Kroshna

Magento Meetup and Magento Contribution Day in Chernivtsi

When it comes to business in nowadays, we all believe that processes have changed dramatically. Truly, comparing them in the 1990s and today you will see that methods of last century do not work anymore: too rapid development, too large amounts of information, too fast communications. A customer is the one who meets a decision […]

29 June 2016

by Alina Kulpinska

How became Amazon's main rival

We have already posted an article about Amazon that is considered to be online retailer number one in the USA. We gave you practical tips on how to change the interface of your web store and what functionality is needed to be excluded. As well as what, on the contrary, is extremely important to implement. […]

22 June 2016

by Alina Kulpinska

«8P: Business Online»: 4 conferences in one at the Black sea, 15th of July, Odessa

On July 15th the 5th 8P conference will take place in Odessa. Main focus of the conference is traffic arbitrage, SEO, PPC, e-commerce, SaaS and mobile apps promotion. Participants are such top companies as Microsoft, SimilarWeb, Depositphotos, K50, Alytics, SimilarWeb, OWOX, Ostrovok, iProspect. There also will be participants from METRO Cash&Carry, Provectus, Ciklum, Tavria V, […]

30 May 2016

by Alina Kulpinska

Magento 2 Tutorial: Cookies, Registry, Session

Sometimes when processing web application requests there is a need in short-term storage of intermediate information. There is an information storage in client’s browser we use cookies. For data storage within one request we use registry. And for data storage between requests – session. Here are the examples for Magento 2: Cookies Registry It allows to […]

25 May 2016

by Alina Kulpinska

Amazon: how to become a leader in ecommerce?

What first comes into your mind when you think of the biggest online retailers? I bet it is Amazon! This week I would like to give you some inspiration for taking action to increase your sales on Amazon web store’s example. Undoubtedly, you have definitely read some articles on how to build an ecommerce website […]

25 April 2016

by Alina Kulpinska

How to increase Magento productivity

In this article I am going to talk about typical mistakes that I have observed in almost every Magento project which had low productivity. Working with Magento I sometimes have to conduct an audit of someone’s code. That is why I would like to share my experience and help you to increase Magento’s productivity and […]

18 April 2016

by Alina Kulpinska

Top 5 TED talks every e-commerce enterpreneur must watch

If you decided to start your online business or have already been working on e-market, then no doubt – you are looking far ahead and moving with the last business tendencies. Nowadays it is hard to imagine selling T-shirts, for instance, in offline store and having no Instagram account or at least sharing photos of […]

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