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27 August 2015

by Pavlo Okhrem

How to Setup a Cloud VPS for the Online Store?

When it comes to online store VPS hosting it is very important that you get great performance for a fair price and to choose the right vps panel. From my experience there are few great options which have many great features. In this article I will do a basic overview on cloud vps hosting providers I […]

26 August 2015

by Pavlo Okhrem

10 Ways to Improve Sales of Your Online Store

Every day number of online stores are being launched in the same industries. The competition level gets higher too. The only way to survive in the world of e-business – to provide the customer with outstanding service. This article will help you to understand the reason of low sales, find new ways to attract new customers and increase conversion of […]

6 August 2015

by Pavlo Okhrem

Famous Brands That Are Using Magento

The easiest way to show the potential of the platform is to show the examples of the implementation by successful Fortune 500 companies, where the quality of the product, it’s capacities are a Must. Here is a short-list of well-known companies, which use Magento and we are pretty sure that they will migrate to Magento 2 to make […]

6 August 2015

by Pavlo Okhrem

Magento SEO Tips and Tricks

Magento is a very powerful e-commerce platform, which is used by a huge number of popular brands in a variety of niches. However, there are a number of problems faced by large and small online shops. One of the most common problems Magento is performance and speed – the result of its unwieldiness and complexity. […]

14 June 2015

by Pavlo Okhrem

Bright Future for Magento With Php 7

The main features of PHP 7 A complete set of innovations PHP 7 still is not defined. But for some, we can already say, t. To. They are already realized. On the other, we can only assume, based on the sound characteristics. By the way, even before the release of PHP 7 will very likely […]

14 June 2015

by Pavlo Okhrem

What Does Experience in Scope of Magento Development Mean?

In the last few years many Magento development companies and development teams appeared on the market, because of the rapid growth of the platform and it’s scalability and integration capabilities. Many extensions and modules lowered the price of implementation and simplified the process of web shop creation based on Magento platform. That made it easier […]

4 June 2015

by Pavlo Okhrem

Ecommerce Trends for 2015

    Our company always stays on the cutting edge of web technologies. That’s why our business analytics always analyze market trends in order to provide our customers with the most progressive solutions out there.

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