Why Having An E-commerce Support Agency Is a Must?

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October 27, 2020
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Why Having An E-commerce Support Agency Is a Must?


When you enter the e-commerce field through your business, the load on you and your business is not on the higher end of the spectrum. You are easily able to manage the limited amount of customers that are associated with your business. The number of customers gradually begin to surge as you begin to make headlines in your area of business. You begin to get referrals, new customers, and a large amount of traffic on your website. 

Now, the scene has completely changed as earlier you only had to manage the product data but now you also need to keep track of the customer’s data and make sure it is safe and secure. To be honest all of this stuff is none of your customer’s concern and you are the one who has to look after it. Ensuring that your eCommerce stores function steadily, loads faster and the shopping experience is smooth is all that you need to zero in to keep your customers satisfied. 

“With Power comes great Responsibility” and this is exactly what happens with you as you look to build upon the success you had with your online store. Looking after the e-commerce store gets accompanied by promoting your sales online and expanding your business even further. An E-commerce support agency is assigned with all these tasks and hiring one is all you need to do let us have a look at reasons that will support the decision to integrate an e-commerce support agency.

1.Integrating new technologies and third party solutions faster

Major e-commerce support services consist of the integration of new technologies and third-party solutions in a matter of a few days. It is not all about integration the new technologies, existing integrations also comes under inspection and are fixed in case they are not performing according to expectations. 

  • Customer Relationship Module Integration
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Integration 
  • Point of Sale (POS) Integration
  • Multi-Vendor Stores
  • Content Management Services (CMS) Integration
  • Warehouse Management Module Integration
  • 3rd party Logistics Services Provider Integration
  • New Payment Gateways Integration

2. Extreme Technical Knowledge

E-commerce is a great responsibility and a bit complex, so to set up an exemplary e-commerce website, you need to have a grip on the technical side of website development. This turns out to be out and out true when looking to deploy your website on Magento. An e-commerce agency tends to implement the best technical practices that can only be achieved after gaining experience working with the platform for a long time. 

The expertise of e-commerce agencies is not limited to only creating a smooth and attractive looking website to lure in potential customers but these agencies also take pride in making your website perform at the highest possible level. All your special business requirements are met by the e-commerce agency that you need to hire. 

3. Keeping the customer updated about the technical glitches

E-commerce servers don’t usually perform smoothly all the time and the reason behind this mostly is high traffic or memory reaching its maximum capacity. The exact reason behind the technical glitch cannot be found at that moment and apart from that, you don’t have sufficient resources to fix the problem. 

However, when the e-commerce agency is around to help you out you won’t have to worry about the problem for a long time as the problem will be fixed even without you noticing it. Online e-commerce stores do not usually get shut down but even in the slightest of possibilities if it happens, it gets repaired within a matter of minutes. Your online e-commerce store will always be available for the customers as it is not affected a bit by the location or time zone.

4. Turning visitors into customers

A digital agency is assigned with the task of luring customers to the website, however, turning a visitor into a customer is altogether a different thing. An e-commerce agency is assigned with such tasks as they have gathered a huge amount of experience by working on numerous websites. They make sure that user experience supports conversions which will influence the customer to make a purchase. These agencies also help you out with branding and marketing strategies along with the type of content your site requires to engage the customers all across the globe. 

5. Being aware of the growth of your e-commerce store

You have a lot of things such as customer support team, sales, managing products on your plate to focus on, however, the most important thing of the lot is customer data. Customer data includes visitor analytics and stats and can be described as the area that will make or break your innovation. Customer data assists in luring in new customers and making them permanent through your delivery, sales, and after-sales support. 

To achieve the task that you have mapped out for your company, you should hire an e-commerce agency that brings along their digital marketing team. Its benefits come in the form of reports creation, traffic stats, provision of necessary assistance regarding what works best for your website and from where the customers arrive. When you are provided with reports along with suggestions, you can zero in on implementable strategies for A/B testing your online e-commerce store. This method helps you out big time in managing existing customers and focus on new customers.

6. Data Management

It is a no-brainer that when you are looking to sell on your online e-commerce store, you will be displaying products in your store along with necessary data and images to attract more and more customers. However, this data needs to be managed properly before it becomes a headache. An e-commerce support agency takes care of all the necessary tasks associated with it. Because of the experience, e-commerce support agencies have gained over the years managing this data and related images is not a big ask for them. A digital marketing team would have proved to be incompetent in this scenario. 

7. Keeping the content fresh

An e-commerce support agency is duly supported by a digital marketing team along with several content experts which makes sure that you are not left with any SEO related complaints. Digital marketing is an able ally that will drive in more sales and makes certain that the target is well aware of your products and brand overall. There is a huge boom in the digital scenario and shaping your business keeping that in mind will prove fruitful for your vision. 

Getting clear on your type of audience catalyzes the process of promoting your brand plus it also helps out in other important activities such as giveaways, brand launch, and contests. SEO services provide added support in the form of analysis of your e-commerce store and detecting deficiencies in your support system. This whole process can be broken down into 4 steps.Engaging with the audience and understanding their needs and wants

  • Finding the areas which trigger interests in your target audience
  • Generating and also collecting important leads from various sources
  • Gaining more referrals and audience on your e-commerce store

8. Technical assistance

Developing an e-commerce website is the first step, it is followed by maintenance and management of your high-performance transactional website. This following would require technical support as it can deal with any type of glitches without even you knowing about it. Much needed on-going support is provided by an e-commerce agency through its expertise, methodologies, and tools. There are also some tools that allow paying for goods and services using cryptocurrency – this allows you to provide security.

9. System Integration

There are various aspects associated with an e-commerce project running smoothly. Online purchases and transactions need to be integrated with business systems. Most of the digital agencies out there don’t have the essential expertise to integrate systems. To make sure that the integration process works efficiently, you need to hire an e-commerce support agency which will ensure that the development, certification processes, integration design are managed properly. This will ensure that the data flows smoothly from your e-commerce site to ERP and fulfillment systems. 

10. Protection from Hackers

No matter how successful or big your e-commerce store is, keeping records of thousands and thousands of users is something everyone would suggest against. Credit card numbers, CVVs, expiration dates come under these records and it is strictly forbidden by the PCI standards to save the CVV number of your customer’s credit card. Setting an alert in case there is some suspicious transaction from a particular IP address is a great way of dealing with hackers out there. 

Employees working for your e-commerce store should be aware of the fact that revealing sensitive data or any private customer information while being on calls, e-mails, and chat sessions are forbidden and should be avoided at any cost. 

11. Quality Testing

An e-commerce platform can be stuffed with a large number of moving parts which results in breaking down the website at crucial junctures. Quality testing and getting rid of these hiccups become essential. An e-commerce support agency does non-stop testing during all the updates to make sure that your e-commerce runs smoothly every minute and you don’t lose out even on a single sale. 

Wrapping Up

Running an e-commerce store requires being perfect in a lot of dimensions. A lot of things are associated with an online e-commerce store and to manage all of them at once is a tough job to accomplish. You require an ally in the form of an e-commerce support agency to guide you through choppy waters. E-commerce agencies hold quality expertise in managing all the essentials of an online e-commerce store. In this piece of information, we have mentioned all the top reasons for you to hire an e-commerce development agency and how they can help you shape the perfect e-commerce store for your business.

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