Review of Call For Price Magento 2 Extension to Improve UI

Magento extension reviews
3mid read February 28, 2022
Magento extension reviews
Review of Call For Price Magento 2 Extension to Improve UI

Call For Price – a Magento 2 extension designed for Magento 2 – allows you to hide product prices, which may vary, and display a call to action button instead of, for example, “Call for Price” or “Request for Quote.”

Why do you need Call For Price extension for Magento 2?

Prices for certain items may depend on the type of product, customization, quantity of products in stock, and other factors. Because your online shop might not have a fixed price for certain products, an extension that allows your customers to clarify the price is a very helpful addition to your ecommerce website. Using this extension, you can display a call to action button instead of a fixed price that directs website visitors to submit a callback form. This way you can communicate with your customers and negotiate the price directly.

Main features of Magento 2 call for price extension

  • Display customized messages instead of product prices
  • Notification email with the product name as a subject line to let you know about the products your customers are interested in.
  • Quick auto-reply email for customers to notify them about a successful form submission. 
  • Replace price tags with “Call for price” button for specific products, categories, or all positions of your store.

What does it look like?

Below you can find one of the ways to use the Magento 2 call for price extension on your website. This is a screenshot from an online store we helped to build. It belongs to an international supplier of luxury watches, Watches of Mayfair.  You can find more about how we developed their online shop in our case study here.

magento 2 call for price extension

When users browse the store, they may see positions with a “Call for price” button instead of regular prices. When they click this button, they are offered to submit a form so that the vendor could call them back and clarify the pricing.

Available for

  • Magento Commerce v.2.1, 2.2,2.3, 2.4, 
  • Magento Open Source v.2.1, 2.2,2.3, 2.4
  • Magento Commerce on Cloud v.2.1, 2.2,2.3, 2.4.

How much does Magento 2 call for price extension cost?

  • Magento CE edition, priced at $79
  • Magento EE edition, priced at $269
  • Magento ECE edition, priced at $269

All three editions come with 90 days of support, and you have to pay only once. Additionally, you can request an installation service for $59, or have the extension installed by your team of Magento developers.

Where to buy

Click to buy the extension

What to do if the Call for Price extension for Magento 2 doesn’t work for you?

If your store requires an extension similar to Call for Price with additional custom-made features, we can create one for you. For the details, please, consider checking our Magento custom extension development services.

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