Shoptalk Fall 2024

Meet Elogic at Shoptalk Fall 2024

Explore the future of retail with Elogic at Shoptalk Fall! This event is not just about ecommerce and marketing; it covers every aspect of retail being transformed by digital innovation. From physical stores to the supply chain, discover how digital is reshaping the industry. Connect with us to learn, network, and explore new opportunities. Don’t miss the chance to engage with industry leaders and gain insights that can drive your business forward. Join us for a transformative experience!

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calendar October 16 – 18, 2024
location McCormick Place, Chicago

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Elogic Commerce will be on-site to share our innovative thought leadership, discuss customer success stories, and show how digital technology can meet your business needs. No spam or AI gimmicks. Schedule your appointment with us to create critical business connections and gain ecommerce insights.

Paul Okhrem

// Managing Partner and CEO

Paul Okhrem

Paul, with over 10 years of experience, specializes in digital product development, strategic business planning, and ecommerce consulting across platforms like Adobe Commerce, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, and commercetools.

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Zoryana Sedel

// Ecommerce Consultant

Zoryana Sedel

As an Ecommerce Manager, Zoryana is passionate about putting clients first. She expertly connects them with our tech team, ensuring their ecommerce goals are translated into a clear, successful strategy that unlock business growth.

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What is Shoptalk Fall 2024 About

Shoptalk Fall is a premier event focusing on digital innovation in retail, spanning areas like physical stores, merchandising, and supply chain operations. It gathers over 4,000 retail leaders for strategic insights through keynotes, themed sessions, and 1:1 meetings. The event includes social activities and peer-led Tabletalks, ensuring a comprehensive experience of networking and learning.
Meet Elogic at Shoptalk Fall to explore cutting-edge eCommerce solutions, discuss industry trends, and uncover new opportunities for your business. We look forward to connecting with you and sharing insights.

Elogic Expertise

Elogic has become a leading name in the ecommerce industry, consistently providing businesses with the tools and support they need to thrive online. Our team of experts thoroughly understands the ecommerce landscape and leverages the latest technologies and trends to boost online presence and sales. Our certified team is well-versed in popular ecommerce platforms.

14+ years of industry expertise

Founded in 2009, Elogic has acquired hands-on experience with various ecommerce platforms across different business verticals and niches. We assist with legacy architectures, new store creation, and store optimization.

End-to-end project support

At Elogic, we offer a full suite of consulting services, from brand positioning to tech solution implementation. Trust us throughout all project stages to streamline your workflow and enhance UX.

200+ projects completed

We have proudly served brands worldwide, across different business sizes and ecommerce niches, including luxury goods, apparel & fashion, and industrial automation.

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Hanes Brands Inc

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Elogic Development Portfolio

We provide development, customization, migration, integration, and support services for all ecommerce platforms. Explore our projects to learn more about our offerings

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