Staff Augmentation 101: Meaning, Types, and Benefits

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12mid read July 10, 2024
Business strategy
Ecommerce Staff Augmentation: Your Secret Weapon for Growth

Juggling a million tasks to keep your ecommerce store afloat? You’re not alone. 

Nowadays, building a thriving online business requires a team that can wear multiple hats and adapt to ever-changing customer demands. But what if your current team, while amazing, is stretched thin?

Staff augmentation is a game-changer for ecommerce businesses looking to skyrocket their development capabilities without the burden of a lengthy recruitment process or the commitment to full-time hires. 

At Elogic, we’ve been helping ecommerce businesses leverage the power of staff augmentation for years. We’ve seen firsthand how it can unlock new levels of growth and efficiency.

Read this comprehensive guide to learn everything about staff augmentation. We’ll break down the concept, explore its advantages for ecommerce businesses, and guide you through potential challenges and how to overcome them. 

Grab your metaphorical cape because with staff augmentation as your secret weapon, you’re about to take your ecommerce store to superhero status.

What Is Staff Augmentation?

Imagine needing a skilled developer to revamp your product pages, but the thought of a lengthy recruitment process gives you a headache. Staff augmentation is the answer! 

What’s the staff augmentation meaning? It’s a flexible approach where you partner with a third-party provider to “augment” your existing team with qualified professionals for a specific project or period. Think of it as hiring an expert teammate on-demand without the hassle of full-time recruitment.

What does staff augmentation mean: an example

Who can benefit from staff augmentation?

  • Ecommerce businesses with short-term or ongoing development needs. Maybe you’re launching a new marketing campaign or integrating a complex payment gateway. An IT staff augmentation company lets you scale your development power without long-term commitments.
  • Teams with specific skill gaps. Your team might be great at design but lack the coding expertise to implement a new feature. Staff augmentation fills those gaps quickly and efficiently.
  • Businesses on a tight budget. Hiring full-time employees comes with significant costs beyond salaries. Staff augmentation offers a more cost-effective way to access specialized talent.

Benefits of IT Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a strategic tool with real benefits. A recent study revealed that 77% of ecommerce businesses struggle to find the development talent they need. Staff augmentation bridges this gap, offering a flexible and cost-effective solution. 

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Here’s how it can empower your ecommerce team:


Imagine having access to a pool of developers with experience in the cutting-edge technologies that power industry giants like Amazon and Alibaba. IT staff augmentation services let you tap into a network of experts, ensuring your project benefits from the best skills available. 

Need a developer who can integrate the latest AI-powered product recommendation engine or a security specialist to fortify your payment gateway? Staff augmentation removes these limitations, allowing you to access specialists who can elevate your ecommerce platform to the next level.

Staffing flexibility

Need a developer for a few weeks to implement a seasonal promotion or a QA tester for a specific pre-launch functionality check? Staff augmentation offers unmatched flexibility. You only pay for the talent you need when you need it. 

Take inspiration from companies like Netflix, which is known for its agile development process. Staff augmentation allows you to emulate this approach, scaling your development team up or down seamlessly based on project requirements.

Faced with tight deadlines, a prominent Middle Eastern mother-and-child marketplace leveraged Elogic’s staff augmentation to quickly scale their dev team. This resulted in a significant cost reduction (⅓ less) and a remarkable boost in development speed (2x faster).


Time is money, especially in ecommerce. Staff augmentation lets you avoid the lengthy recruitment process that can take weeks or even months. You can identify and onboard a qualified developer in a matter of days, allowing you to get started on your project right away and capitalize on fleeting market opportunities.


Building an in-house team with diverse skill sets can be a significant financial burden. As of 2022, the average cost per hire was approximately $4,683 according to a Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) benchmarking report. This figure encompasses various recruitment-related expenses such as job postings, agency fees, and onboarding costs. Beyond that, there are salaries, benefits packages, and even the cost of office space to consider.

the cost of hiring in-house vs staff augmentation

Staff augmentation provides access to specialized talent without the overhead costs of full-time employees. You only pay for the hours worked, making it a budget-friendly solution for ecommerce businesses of all sizes. In fact, about 68% of businesses report cost savings when utilizing staff augmentation services compared to traditional hiring methods.

Increased productivity 

Adding a skilled professional to your team can take the workload off existing employees, allowing them to focus on their core strengths. Imagine your designers being freed from coding tasks and focusing on crafting a seamless user experience while your marketing team utilizes the extra bandwidth to develop targeted customer acquisition campaigns. Staff augmentation boosts overall productivity by allowing everyone to focus on what they do best.

TDI Holdings, a leading US clothing company, isn’t a one-brand wonder. They partnered with Elogic to develop ecommerce platforms for not just one, but three of their distinct brands. This collaboration shows how strategic ecommerce development can support multi-brand businesses.

Common Challenges of Staff Augmentation: What to Look Out For and How to Avoid It

Staff augmentation isn’t a magic bullet. While it offers incredible benefits, there can be some roadblocks along the way.

Here are some common challenges to watch out for and how to ensure a smooth ride:

Time difference

Working with developers in different time zones can disrupt communication and collaboration. Imagine needing a quick answer to a critical question, only to be met with radio silence until the next morning. Here’s how to avoid this time warp:

  • Choose a staff augmentation provider offering solutions that bridge the gap. Look for providers with overlapping working hours or dedicated project managers who can facilitate communication regardless of location.
  • Embrace asynchronous communication tools. Utilize project management platforms and communication tools that allow team members to leave detailed messages and updates, ensuring everyone stays informed even if they’re not online at the same time.

Language barrier

Language misunderstandings can lead to project delays and frustration. Imagine spending hours explaining a feature only to realize the developer misinterpreted key details. Here’s how to break down the language barrier:

  • Work with a provider that offers talent with strong communication skills in your preferred language. You can check it already during the pre-sale process while interviewing the candidates to be added to your team.
  • Invest in clear and comprehensive documentation. Outline project requirements, user stories, and acceptance criteria in detail, leaving little room for misinterpretation.

Lack of knowledge about the company

New team members need time to grasp the bigger picture. Imagine bringing on a developer who dives headfirst into coding a specific feature, unaware that it’s not currently a top priority. This can lead to wasted time and delays. 

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Here’s how to bridge the knowledge gap:

  • Invest in proper onboarding. Don’t skimp on this crucial step. Provide your augmented team member with access to company resources, style guides, and any relevant background information to get them up to speed quickly.
  • Schedule regular check-ins. Maintain open communication channels and establish clear expectations. Regular meetings allow you to answer questions, address concerns, and ensure the project stays on track.

Onboarding external talent

Integrating a new team member always takes time and effort. Imagine a new developer joining your team mid-project, struggling to understand the existing codebase and overall workflow. Here’s how to smooth the onboarding process:

  • Partner with a staff augmentation provider offering a streamlined onboarding process. Look for providers with established protocols for introducing new team members and ensuring they have the tools and resources they need to succeed.
  • Assign a dedicated mentor. Pair your augmented team member with an existing team member who can answer questions, provide guidance, and help them navigate the project and company culture.

Elogic has worked with over 200 teams worldwide following this successful staff augmentation model and has learned to mitigate all these risks. With us, a dedicated project manager comes included in the price, ensuring seamless communication, crystal-clear expectations, and a smooth onboarding process for your augmented team member. So you can focus on your core business and watch your project flourish.

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Onshore, Nearshore, Offshore: Which Model Should You Go For?

The world is your oyster when it comes to staff augmentation! But with so many options, where do you even begin? 

Here’s a breakdown of the three main geographic models – onshore, nearshore, and offshore – to help you find the perfect fit for your needs:

ModelLocationCostCommunicationCultural AlignmentIdeal For
OnshoreWithin your countryHighestSeamlessStrongestSeamless communication, cultural alignment, compliance
NearshoreNeighboring countries/regionsMore affordablePotentially minor language barriersGoodCost-effective balance, good communication
OffshoreDistant countries/regionsLowestSignificant time zone differences & language barriersWeakerCost savings, access to wider talent pool


Location: Staff augmentation professionals are located within your own country.


  • Seamless communication. No time zone differences or language barriers to navigate.
  • Cultural alignment. Easier collaboration due to shared cultural norms and work styles.
  • Streamlined legalities. Simpler compliance with local employment regulations.


  • Highest cost. Typically the most expensive option due to higher salaries and overhead costs.
  • Limited talent pool. You might have a smaller pool of talent to choose from compared to nearshore or offshore options.

Ideal for: Businesses prioritizing seamless communication, cultural alignment, and strict compliance.


Location: Nearshore staff augmentation professionals are located in neighboring countries or regions within a similar time zone.


  • Cost-effective. Often more affordable than onshore options while still offering high-quality talent.
  • Potential for cultural overlap. Shared regional similarities can ease communication and collaboration.
  • Similar time zones. Fewer communication disruptions compared to offshore options.


  • Potential for minor language barriers. Depending on the specific location, there might be some language differences to navigate.
  • Cultural differences. While closer than offshore, there could still be some cultural adjustments to consider.

Ideal for: Businesses seeking a balance between cost-effectiveness and communication ease.


Location: Offshore staff augmentation professionals are located in distant countries or regions with significant time zone differences.


  • Lowest cost. Typically the most budget-friendly option due to lower salaries and overhead costs in certain regions.
  • Access to a wider talent pool. Potentially tap into a vast pool of skilled professionals across the globe.


  • Largest time zone differences. Communication and collaboration require careful planning and asynchronous tools.
  • Significant language barriers. Strong communication skills and clear documentation are crucial to avoid misunderstandings.
  • Cultural differences. Managing projects across vast cultural divides requires extra effort and sensitivity.

Ideal for: Businesses prioritizing cost savings and willing to invest in strategies to overcome communication and cultural barriers.

Staff Augmentation vs Consulting vs Outsourcing: One and the Same Thing?

While these terms might sound interchangeable at first glance, staff augmentation, consulting, and outsourcing offer distinct approaches to supplementing your internal ecommerce team. Understanding the differences will help you choose the right option for your specific needs.

Here’s a table for a clearer comparison:

FactorStaff AugmentationConsultingOutsourcing
FocusTemporary project support, skill gap fillingStrategic advice, problem-solvingEntire projects or functions
ExpertiseSpecialized talent for specific needsBroad industry knowledgeProcess expertise
Ideal ForShort-term projects, specific skill gapsStrategic planning, overcoming challengesOngoing tasks, cost-efficiency

Staff Augmentation

  • Focus. Provides temporary, project-based support with qualified professionals who integrate directly into your existing team.
  • Control. You maintain a high degree of control over the project and day-to-day management of the augmented team member.
  • Expertise. Ideal for filling specific skill gaps within your team, allowing you to access specialized talent for unique project needs.


  • Focus. Offers strategic advice and problem-solving expertise from experienced consultants who analyze your business challenges and recommend solutions.
  • Control. Consultants work independently, providing recommendations and deliverables, but you have the final say in implementation.
  • Expertise. Consultants bring a wealth of knowledge and experience across various industries, helping you identify inefficiencies and develop long-term strategies.


  • Focus. This entails delegating entire projects or functions to a third-party vendor who takes complete ownership of the deliverables.
  • Control. You have less day-to-day control over the project, relying on communication and established milestones to track progress.
  • Cost-Effectiveness. Outsourcing can be a cost-effective option for ongoing tasks or standardized processes.

Choosing the Right Approach

  • Staff augmentation. Best suited for short-term projects where you need to quickly add specific skills to your existing team.
  • Consulting. Ideal for situations where you need external expertise to diagnose problems, develop strategies, or navigate complex challenges.
  • Outsourcing. Consider outsourcing for ongoing tasks, standardized processes, or when cost optimization is a top priority.

Remember: There’s no one-size-fits-all solution. The best approach depends on your specific project requirements, budget, and desired level of control. By understanding the strengths of each option, you can make an informed decision and leverage the right resources to achieve your business goals.


Don’t let a talent gap slow down your ecommerce dreams. While this article unpacked the intricacies of staff augmentation, here’s the real takeaway: it’s your shortcut to efficiency.

Streamline your development process by integrating specialists who can immediately contribute to your ecommerce project. Staff augmentation eliminates the need for lengthy recruitment, allowing you to tap into a pool of skilled developers with the specific expertise required to elevate your online store.

At Elogic, we’ve been helping businesses leverage staff augmentation for years. We understand the ecommerce landscape and the importance of seamless team integration. Our expertise ensures a smooth onboarding process, allowing your augmented team members to contribute effectively from the start.

Ready to streamline your development process and achieve your ecommerce goals faster? Contact our expert team today and discover the power of staff augmentation.

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What does staff augmentation mean?

Staff augmentation is a strategic approach where businesses add qualified professionals to their existing team for a specific project or period. These augmented team members work alongside your in-house staff, providing additional skills and expertise to achieve project goals. Think of it as hiring an on-demand specialist to complement your existing talent pool.

What is the difference between staff augmentation and managed services?

Staff augmentation focuses on filling specific skill gaps within your team. You retain control over the project and manage the augmented team members directly. Managed services, on the other hand, involve outsourcing entire functions or projects to a third-party vendor. The vendor takes complete ownership of the deliverables, and you have less day-to-day control but benefit from their expertise in managing that specific function.

Why should I consider the staff augmentation model instead of hiring in-house?

There are several advantages to staff augmentation over traditional in-house hiring:

  • Cost-effectiveness. You only pay for the hours worked by the augmented team member, eliminating the ongoing costs of a full-time employee (salary, benefits, office space).
  • Speed and flexibility. Staff augmentation allows you to quickly access talent without the lengthy recruitment process. You can also scale your team up or down based on project needs.
  • Access to specialized skills. Tap into a wider pool of talent and find experts with the specific skills your project requires, including Salesforce staff augmentation specialists, marketing automation, and customer relationship management (CRM) experts.
  • Reduced workload. Augmented team members alleviate the burden on your existing staff, allowing them to focus on their core strengths and improve overall productivity.

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