Review of CMS Page Search Magento 2 Plugin for Better SEO

Magento extension reviews
2mid read January 17, 2022
Magento extension reviews
Review of CMS Page Search Magento 2 Plugin for Better SEO

CMS Page Search is a plugin for ElasticSuite, which is developed by SmileLab. With the help of this plugin for Magento 2, you can add new categories and CMS pages to the search results of your online store.

Why do you need CMS Page Search Extension for Magento 2?

New items, which are added to your online store, need to automatically appear in the search results for customers to find them. That’s what CMS Page Search does. With this plugin, you can index a CMS Page into the search engine and also display it on the search results page.

Main Features of Magento 2 CMS Page Search Extension

  • Add new CMS pages to search results. Using the plugin, you can add new pages into your webstore’s search engine and include those pages into different categories.
  • Add CMS pages to autocomplete results. You can attach CMS pages to one of the autocomplete results of the search engine so that the system displays those pages to users after they click on the autocompleted keyword.

How does it look like?

Here you can see how you can add the plugin to your Magento 2 store. This is a screenshot of the demo webstore, which is provided by Smile Labs.

magento 2 cms extension

When visitors type a keyword into the search bar, the site automatically displays pages, which are associated with the keyword. In this case, the keyword is “shorts,” and the search results page along with the search bar shows product pages for this word in “autocomplete” results.

Available for

The plugin is available for Magento 2 and requires ElasticSuite, version 2.1. 

How Much Does Magento 2 CMS Page Search Extension Cost?

The plugin is an open-source product and can be downloaded for free.

Where to download

Click here to download the plugin

How do you integrate CMS Page Search for Magento 2?

If you need to connect CMS Page Search to your website and don’t have a Magento developer, you can ask us to do it. We specialize in Magento website development and you can turn to us for anything where you require a software developer’s help. Also, check out our Magento integration services to learn more about our offers.

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