The Best Shopify Plus Agencies of 2024

Ecommerce website development
13mid read October 10, 2023
Ecommerce website development
The Best Shopify Plus Agencies of 2024

With over 3 million ecommerce websites, Shopify Plus is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms for building online stores. Shopify is known as a user-friendly, efficient, and feature-rich solution with numerous apps and integrations available. 

Setting up a Shopify store can require significant investments in terms of time and effort. Hence, to launch a website with fewer obstructions in the shortest possible time, it is worth asking an experienced development agency for help. While there’s no shortage of companies claiming Shopify Plus expertise, finding the perfect one for your business can be tricky.

So, if you’re looking for an agency to bring your next Shopify project to life, you’ve come to the right place. As a trusted Shopify Plus partner and an ecommerce development agency with 13+ years of expertise, at Elogic, we know what it takes to bring a Shopify project to success. 

In this article, we hand-picked top companies based on their online credibility and Shopify Plus expertise. Using this comprehensive list, you will learn about the unique strengths and advantages of the most proficient ecommerce agencies. So, let’s dive in!

Key qualities of a Shopify Plus agency

There is no all-around ideal agency for every ecommerce business. Each vendor has a unique approach to helping merchants bring their projects to success. Therefore, it’s critical to partner with a company that matches your specific needs, budget constraints, and long-term objectives. 

Yet, here are several essential qualities of a Shopify Plus development partner that are worth considering before reaching out:

1.1. Pricing for Shopify Website Development Services

Consider various pricing models when choosing the right partner for your ecommerce project. Not to say that the cheapest option is not always the best for your business, regardless of how tempting it might sound. At the end of the day, you want an agency that is fully committed to your project’s success. Make sure to look for a balance between quality and price when choosing your partner.

It’s highly recommended to opt for an agency with transparent pricing. This way, you can accurately plan your budget without unexpected charges. Also, it allows you to compare your candidates unbiasedly. Moreover, agencies that are upfront about their pricing policy demonstrate their intention to build trustworthy working cooperation.

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1.2. Effective Communication 

Clear communication is the cornerstone of a successful partnership with a Shopify development company. Misleading and poor communication can significantly hinder mutual understanding of project goals, timelines, and deliverables. That can lead to unwanted delays, wasted resources, and false expectations. 

Evaluate the communication style of your future partner during initial interactions, demo calls, or consultations with potential Shopify partners. To ensure smooth cooperation, set up communication channels and project management tools.

1.3. Experience in Shopify Plus Development

A successful track record proves the agency’s expertise and familiarity with tools, features, and the best Shopify practices. Experienced agencies have a well-defined implementation process to ensure the project progresses smoothly and meets high standards. 

Review portfolio and testimonials to get a clear picture of your potential partner`s capabilities and prior experience. Diving into vendor`s work will give you insights into their proficiency with Shopify Plus and ability to lead your project to success.

1.4. Proficiency in Shopify Development 

To launch a high-performing ecommerce solution, trust professionals with your online store development. When choosing an ecommerce partner, make sure to always check for the relevant Shopify Plus certifications. That will indicate a strong understanding of the platform and its advanced features. 

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1.5. Scalability and Flexibility

A crucial aspect of evaluating a Shopify Plus agency is its capacity for scalability and flexibility. As your ecommerce business evolves, your development needs may change. The right agency should demonstrate the ability to scale their development resources to match your requirements and readily accommodate your evolving requests. This adaptability ensures a seamless partnership that can grow with your business.

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2. Best Shopify Plus Agencies

Now that we’ve discussed the key qualities to consider, let’s delve into the top Shopify Plus agencies that have demonstrated excellence in ecommerce development:


Founded: 2009 

Size: 50-249

Location: New York

Clutch rating: 4.9

Elogic is a full-cycle ecommerce development company, founded in 2009. The agency specializes in designing, optimizing, and launching online stores for businesses of every size and niche. 

Elogic is a certified Shopify Partner, though it also provides solutions across other major platforms, like Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Magento, BigCommerce, and Commercetools. If you are looking for quality Shopify Plus design & development services, you’ll get that and even more with Elogic Commerce.

Elogic Shopify Plus agency

Elogic has a great pool of Shopify Plus engineers, allowing you to hire a single developer or a team for your project. With a proven track record with over 500 delivered projects, Elogic provides flexible collaboration models, enabling you to adjust the team’s size quickly and save resources.

At Elogic Commerce, clients can expect a comprehensive approach to Shopify Plus development. Each project is overseen by a dedicated project manager, ensuring efficient time management and the delivery of high-quality services. The Elogic team is distinguished by its unmatched expertise in ecommerce and holds the prestigious certification of a Shopify Plus Partner. In addition to development, Elogic extends its services to web design, leveraging creative thinking and customer-centric strategies to optimize conversions and transform casual shoppers into devoted brand advocates. 

Shopify Plus Certifications and Badges

Elogic’s unparalleled Shopify Plus expertise and excellent problem-solving position them as a top choice for businesses seeking expertise in Shopify Plus development. 

Tek Glide


Headcount: up to 50

Location: Chicago

Clutch rating: 4.8

Teck Glide is a Chicago-based ecommerce agency that has experience in providing web app development solutions for various industries including fashion, cosmetics, medical, textiles, and others. They focus on creating responsive, feature-rich ecommerce websites. Tek Glide offers affordable, top-notch website development services that are widely appreciated among their clients. 

Tekglide Shopify Plus Serices

Like any agency, Tek Glide also has some areas for improvement, and one such area is the testing process. One of their clients mentioned in the review that  “more thorough quality testing could have been conducted on static sites to ensure the formatting was correct.” On the other hand, Tek Glide offers numerous benefits, such as prompt delivery, innovative thinking, and real-time customer support. 

As Shopify Plus Solution Partners, the Tek Glide developers use their platform expertise to provide clients with custom digital commerce solutions. Moreover, they offer seamless integration with various systems, from well-known platforms like Microsoft Dynamics and SAP to custom-developed apps. 

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Founded: 2012

Headcount: up to 249

Location: Hà Nội, Hanoi

Clutch rating: 4.9

Tigren is a development firm specializing in cutting-edge solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. Their mission is to empower every ambitious company with accessible ecommerce services, leveraging over a decade of experience in addressing their unique challenges.

Tigren Shopify Plus Development Agency

Tigren offers high-quality Shopify website development services at an affordable cost. The company provides cost-effective solutions optimized for the budget needs of businesses of various sizes.

Tigren team is skilled at promptly addressing any issues that arise, as evidenced by their client: “I have no complaints regarding the project work. Initially, when I started working with them, we faced a language barrier, but it was resolved as the project progressed, and our communication became stronger.”

Tigren is a Shopify Development Company with a global client base. They have worked with 1,000+ clients, including B2B and B2C businesses, with merchants from all over the world – the UK, the US, Australia, Ireland, France, the UAE, Thailand, and many more.


Founded: 2012

Headcount: 25

Location: Philadelphia

Clutch rating: 4.8

1digital ecommerce development agency

1digitalagency is an accredited Shopify Plus partner that provides comprehensive solutions for enterprise-level businesses. Their primary focus is creating visually engaging and user-centric Shopify websites with distinctive theme customizations designed to boost conversion rates and sales.

While their expertise is widely acknowledged, it’s worth noting that some clients expressed the need for greater transparency in pricing, as highlighted in this Clutch review ”the unclear pricing structure can be confusing or surprising at times.”

The agency stands out by providing clients with advanced SEO strategies to put the website in the spotlight, customized web design that captivates the audience, and precisely targeted PPC campaigns crafted to reach untapped pools of potential customers.

With over a decade of experience in the ecommerce industry, 1digitalagency strives to grow brands through the power of Shopify.

Orange Mantra

Founded: 2001 

Headcount: +87

Location: India

Clutch rating: 4.8

OrangeMantra is a digital transformation partner that operates globally. They offer tailored Shopify Plus solutions that harmonize with business requisites. OrangeMantra distinguishes itself by showcasing a successful track record and a diverse portfolio. Moreover, OrangeMantra offers exclusive workspaces dedicated to each Shopify Plus development project to ensure efficient project management.
Orange Mantra is known for remarkable flexibility and timely communication, leaving their clients impressed by swift turnaround time and agile approach. However, based on the client review, it seems like their design services could be bettered. Here is what it says: “They could improve their design capabilities. We spent a lot of time preparing detailed documentation for our design specs, and the final solution did not look as good as we’d proposed. The project is still underway, though, so we’re looking forward to seeing improvements as we move closer to product completion.”

Orangemantra Shopify Plus agency


Founded: 2012

Headcount: 950

Location: India, USA, Australia 

Clutch rating: 4.8

Metizsoft is a global software outsourcing company best known for in-time delivery and cost-effective web development. Metizsoft Solutions is a team of around 1,000 high-end professionals with expertise in designing and developing web and mobile apps for the ecommerce domain. 

The company doesn’t provide solutions across some major platforms, like Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Commercetools, keeping instead their focus on technologies like BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify, and WordPress. As a certified top Shopify development company, Metizsoft offers fully customizable web design and engineering services to enterprises and start-ups.

Metizsoft has collaborated with over 500 clients worldwide since 2012. The agency owns ISO certification and a strict NDA for data protection. Metizsoft’s substantial industry experience, worldwide reach, and Shopify partnership underscore their trustworthiness and capacity to provide top-notch solutions for ecommerce enterprises.

Founded: 2010 

Headcount: +25

Location: London, Essex, United Kingdom

Clutch rating: 5

Liquify Design, based in London, has specialized in Shopify and Shopify Plus development since 2010. Their reputation is built on clear and transparent pricing. Their core focus is delivering dependable online stores, covering strategic planning, rigorous testing, and comprehensive development. 

Liquify is dedicated to growth-oriented solutions, partnering with brands of all sizes. They prioritize data-driven strategies and embrace a design philosophy that values simplicity and aesthetic appeal. 

Liquify Shopify


Founded: 2010 

Headcount: 25

Location: Spain

Webmdefy is one of the first Shopify-certified agencies in all of Spain. The company collaborates with brands worldwide, extending its presence beyond Spain. They follow a data-driven approach to digital marketing that ensures increased traffic, engagements, and conversions for industry-leading brands.

Webmdefy exclusively works with Shopify projects, utilizing their expertise to deliver exceptional solutions customized to each client’s unique requirements, maximizing the online store’s potential. While this exclusivity may appear somewhat limiting, it underscores Webmdefy’s dedication to mastering the Shopify platform.

Webmfey specializes in ecommerce digital marketing and crafting personalized sales strategies. They work with different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, and Klaviyo to provide superb digital marketing experience.

Webmefy Shopify Plus Agency

Webmefy is passionate about working closely with clients to enhance communication and build lasting relationships. From creating stunning and responsive designs to implementing complex functionalities, Webmefy ensures that the Shopify Plus stores are optimized for success.


Founded: 20 

Size: 51-200

Location: Chicago

Clutch rating: 5

Rooted in Chicago, this digital agency is an award-winning full-service ecommerce partner that combines user-driven design and data intelligence. Their impressive client list, which includes notable names like Fanty, Billie Eilish, BattlBox, and Crunchlabs, attests to their ability to deliver top-notch results. 

Praella is also an official Shopify Plus Partner, demonstrating its expertise in this ecommerce platform. They specialize in one-time project engagements, ensuring a focused effort on delivering successful results. 

Praella Shopify Plus Agency

One possible area for improvement for Praela can be version control management. As one client mentioned on Clutch: “we would occasionally have updates wiped off because the update was stored on a separate branch, and then the production version would skip a previous change. We would notice it and have to get the other branch merged onto the production branch.”

Nonetheless, the Praella team excels in delivering efficient results, establishing themselves as true partners with the technical expertise needed to provide clients with outstanding solutions. Praella’s user-centric and data-driven approach makes them an ideal Shopify Plus development partner for businesses committed to enhancing user experience and driving revenue growth.


Founded: 1993 

Headcount: up to 50

Location: Hull, East Yorkshire

Strawberry is a Shopify Plus Partner with 20 years of experience, specializing in ecommerce development, optimization, brand design, and headless commerce. They work with established brands like Deliveroo, Premier Equine, Turnbull, and Asser. 

Strawberry boasts a mature approach to building valuable, transparent, and long-term partnerships. They possess expertise in connecting brands, retail, and marketing. Additionally, they offer a suite of supporting services, eliminating the need to juggle between multiple agencies. Strawberry has a strong focus on setting realistic KPIs, testing, and refining strategies.

Strawbery Shopify Plus Partner

In addition to being a Shopify Plus expert, they are also a ‘BigCommerce Preferred Partner,’ demonstrating their proficiency across both platforms. Although Strawberry is specialized only in a few technologies, the professionalism and expertise of this agency in these specific platforms is noteworthy.

Strawberry’s holistic thinking and a suite of supporting services make them an ideal choice for businesses looking to build long-term partnerships and achieve success in ecommerce.


Founded: 2006

Headcount: up to 50

Location: Bath, Somerset 

Blubolt is an ecommerce agency that designs, builds, and optimizes powerful ecommerce websites on Shopify Plus. Blubolt first entered the ecommerce market with its own bluCommerce platform. However, a few years ago, they moved from bluCommerce and focused on Shopify Plus instead. 

Despite being less experienced in Shopify Plus, Blubolt has a successful track record with other platforms. Their services cover website design and development, store optimization, and project discovery. As a trusted partner, Blubolt provides ongoing support and maintenance services to keep your Shopify Plus store running smoothly.

Blubolt Shopify Plus agency

Wrap up

Each of the agencies has unique strengths and advantages, making them valuable partners for businesses seeking to thrive on Shopify Plus. However, to make a well-informed decision when selecting a Shopify Plus partner, ensure alignment with your specific requirements, budget, and long-term goals. The thoughtful selection process sets the stage for a prosperous and mutually beneficial ecommerce partnership. 

We hope this overview will make selecting the ideal partner for your ecommerce project easier. When seeking the perfect Shopify Plus company for your venture, remember to choose an agency capable of meeting your evolving requirements in the rapidly evolving ecommerce landscape, boasting a transparent pricing policy, proficiency, and extensive experience in Shopify Plus development, and ensuring clear and effective communication.

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What are the top Shopify agencies?

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Should I move to Shopify Plus?

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How do I look for a Shopify agency?

The best approach to seeking a Shopify development company is to review companies’ surveys on a trustworthy and impartial source, such as Clutch or GoodFirms.

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